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In life you get what you tolerate.  Don't let the years go by and then realise there are many goals in your life you no longer have the chance to achieve.   

Our clients demand a higher level of respect, demand a higher level of service, demand a higher level of results.  At Assist Personal Training, we demand more of ourselves. 

Are you sick of seeing in the fitness industry, trainers who don't pay attention to the details, training in big commercial gyms having to wait around for equipment, being interrupted during your session or really just feeling lost in the sea that is fitness?

At Assist Personal Training, we cut through that sea.  We simplify transformation and make it easy for you to follow.  Just check out the results of the many clients we work with and you'll begin to see the depth of the transformations our clients achieve.

The reason for that is we in the very first session look at your lifestyle.  In the second session we do a structural analysis to see what types of programming and exercises you need and we pay attention to the details.  We only commit to 12 week packages, this is our commitment to you.

Whether your goal is to lose those last 5kg, begin a fitness program or just simply demand a higher standard in your life, enquire below for a lifestyle discovery call, the team at Assist PT are waiting to help you! 

Assist PT have you well looked after with their team of recommended health professionals to safely get to your goals in a fraction of the time you could at home or the gym.

Train smart, nourish with foods and breathe deeply!

 Assist PT Coaches