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It's amazing how many people exercise regularly week in, week out, month after month or even year after year, and never really improve how they look. They never see fantastic results from literally hundreds and hundreds of hours racked up in the gym.

Did you know that an effective exercise program – a program that achieves optimum health, fitness and amazing improvements in body shape, should only take up about 3% of your week…unless you're training for a specific endurance event.

The right exercise is important. It's the catalyst. Different stages of your journey will require different tools to help shape your road.  Our job is to provide you with the tools to get you there.  When you train with us and get assessments with us, we keep records.  This data helps us help you!   Our "tools" vary from training, nutrition, coaching & accountability, biosignature and muscle testing.


Our Results

Sharyn Walker...where do we start?!! Sharyn met Annette in 2010 in a commercial gym before Assist PT opened in Lilydale. She did a few PT sessions with her, went away and applied the thin..