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Core strength is an integral part of fitness and performance

Pelleres Base Training (PBT) is the latest innovation in exercise physiology designed to improve core strength.  It is used as the core strength and conditioning program of choice by elite athletes and professional sports teams across Australia.

Developed with elite coaches, trainers and athletes the Introduction to Pelleres™ Base Training is the latest in exercise conditioning.  The unique and specifically designed introduction program is ran over 4 consecutive weeks in one weekly session.

Above: 30 weeks pregnant, Annette is working on balance, strength and stability

Dan Croft, Massage Therapist....

"I was very happy with the results from Pelleres with Matt.  I have done very basic core strength training along with pilates.  The Pelleres training was much more in depth and very challenging.  I felt like I was using stabilising muscles that haven't been worked previously

My day job is very physical, and having better core stability helped me decrease aches and pains I was getting in my lower back. My main goal with the Pelleres training was to help get me through my next karate grading which it did and I’m very happy about!  I felt strong before starting due to my karate training and physical day job but I knew something was lacking in the core strength department.

I feel great now. Activities of daily living are easier and I am now using better body mechanics to move around due to increased core strength.  I have noticed my abs are more defined and my posture has improved immensely.  I get little to no back pain now.

Matt is a great trainer period. He knows the exercises well and just how far to push to get results. Each session was different and challenging.  He went above and beyond expectations.  His holistic approach helped me identify pains/restrictions and ways to stretch or improve them. I’ve already recommended Assist PT to friends and intend on completing another group of Pelleres sessions before my next karate grading at the end of the year"

Success Story: Bishop

I had been suffering for quite some time before I began training at Assist Personal Training, with Matt. I had been diagnosed with SPD or pelvic girdle pain and coccyx pain early in my first pregnancy, at 20 weeks. It was so painful and at times almost unbearable! I looked forward to birth so the pain would stop! Unfortunately it didn't! I received treatment from a physiotherapist and then three different osteopaths which included very intrusive treatment, to say the least! I had massage and acupuncture. I saw a personal trainer to help build my core strength. Nothing worked! I became very upset. I couldn't sit without a cushion or for any length of time without pain. I woke several times a night in pain. I felt pain and discomfort constantly! I started training with Matt about a year and a half after my daughter was born! I'd spoken with Annette who suggested Pelleres training. After completing the course with Matt, I can happily say I now feel AMAZING! I do not suffer from the daily painful symptoms at all! I feel stronger and happier! I never imagined not having the daily pain again! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Matt. He took the time to understand my situation and without the daily struggle has changed my life!!! I'm currently training 5-6 days a week!!! The physio told me I would never run again!!!! Before my classes I even do interval sprint training on the treadmill!!!! Thanks Matt.

The Pelleres Base Training is specifically designed to:

1. Educate on the core and why it's so important

2. Teach core engagement during exercises to maximise training benefits

3. Teach the skills and techniques of building core strength in a functional environment

PBT is an essential part of any training program

  • Improves core strength
  • Improves performance
  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Reduces rehab time

More happy clients:

Sally, age 35

I love Pelleres training!  I can really feel a big difference in how my muscles respond – core activation especially! They activate easier now than ever before.  For me, the sessions felt quiet relaxing and I often left feeling very energised and uplifted after my session, similar to doing Yoga or Pilates.

I felt out of shape after 2 babies, I was carrying a large amount of weight and was dealing with depression. I had to do something as I had no energy to run around after my 2 small children.

Now I feel incredible! I’ve lost 16kg, my strength and endurance has greatly increased and my energy levels have sky rocketed! I now fit into a size 8-10 clothes instead of size 16 and I have a six pack in the making, if I tense I can see them!  I’m amazed everyday!

My biggest accomplishment so far has been the ability to hold a side plank both sides for several minutes! I feel it has helped with everything – ICE (cardio) and FIRE sessions also. My running endurance and also battle ropes endurance seems to have increased in the Saturday morning bootcamp sessions too.  I have noticed I’m stronger and feel more stable to pick up my children. My posture is more upright rather than slumped and I feel I walk much taller.

I love Pelleres!

You can read more about Sally's journey at Assist PT here

Ruth, aged 30

"Before completing the Pelleres program at Assist PT I had done one Pilates session with a Physio (during my pregnancy with my daughter). Pelleres was very thorough and harder then I expected (in a good way).

Before starting Pelleres I felt pretty weak, had recurring back pain, low energy levels and no balance in my life (just home life and work).  Now I feel less back pain, I feel stronger, my posture is better, I have much more energy and I feel more sustainable emotionally (especially with Friday morning’s boxing therapy).  As far as day to day activities go, I’ve noticed that I’m now sitting down in better posture and I’m lifting and carrying my daughter easier too.

I was really happy with my results from my program.  My trainer Jordy was very patient and encouraging.  I was able to see a noticeable difference in my core strength and was able to move on through the progressions of the exercises too.  I can now feel my core muscles and they feel much stronger."


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