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100% of our clients who have implemented our advice have seen fantastic results within 1-6 weeks of their nutrition consultation with us

We don't give out diets or meal plans because we want to help our clients with a fuss free approach to nutrition. 

We educate our clients on how foods fuel and nourish their bodies and then using Applied Muscle Testing we put together a nutrition guide based upon the clients goals and what foods their body responds best too.

Applied Muscle Testing helps supports lifestyle factors via foods and natural supplementation based on neural feedback.  You can find out more about what Applied Muscle Testing is here.

Above:  Mel suffered from plantar fasciitis for 3 years and couldn't lose weight. She called upon Annette for a free consultation and they decided her best starting point was a Applied Muscle Testing (AMT) session. That was in November. Mel's journey is still continuing but since her visit 4 months ago she has dropped 11kg of body fat with no extra physical activity yet and she no longer suffers with plantar fasciitis and has heaps more energy! What did we do for Mel?  We used applied muscle testing to see what foods her body best responded to and we created a personalised nutrition plan for her to follow.

Applied Muscle Testing allows us to put together personalised protocols to:

  • recommend the best nutrition advice
  • improve body composition
  • speed up fat loss
  • improve performance
  • improve recovery after training
  • support nutrient deficiencies
  • improve detoxification pathways
  • detect food sensitivities
  • reduce allergy responses
  • improve digestion
  • improve sleep
  • increase energy production
  • improve mental focus
  • and more!

Each of us have a unique biochemistry make up which means we can respond differently to the recommendations an eating plan, detox, magazine, fitness expert, diet plan, fad or nutrition guideline recommends as good for us. Applied Muscle Testing (Bio-reflective Analysis) is a service provided by Annette Shepherd, a certified AMT Practitioner taught by Bob Guiel, a leading advocate for integrative and alternative health care in America.

Food sensitivities can cause inflammation in the gut, which can result in weight gain, digestive issues, mood and behaviour disorders, skin conditions and immune dysfunction.

We use Applied Muscle Testing to help our clients work out what foods their bodies respond best to, to take out the confusion of what supplements are best for them personally, to break plateaus and get them feeling and functioning better. By supporting the body with what it needs, we see our clients body composition improve, bloating reduced, sleep improved, more energy and have them feeling better than they were before with the added bonus of them now saving money on the supplements they didn’t need to be taking! No more guess work and better results!

Since May 2014 Annette has been practicing Applied Muscle Testing and learning more to assist her in offering a valuable service for her clients. Annette combines her knowledge as a Metabolic Nutritionist and Biosignature Practitioner with Applied Muscle Testing to provide a wholistic approach to your personal health and wellness.  It was this particular type of consultation that helped her completely change her eating to better nourish her body for optimal performance and we are very excited to offer this very personalised approach at our personal training studio in Lilydale.

If you feel you are doing everything right but just not getting the outcome you want, then contact us today! 


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