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Tailored and designed all around you and your needs.

One on one training allows us to offer a personalised and truly holistic approach to your training, nutrition and supplementation requirements for your very best results. Our professional coaches will monitor your form, mental attitude and nutrition to keep personalising your plan to adapt with your bodies progress.  Our Personal Trainers are far more than your average personal trainers. They thrive off always learning new things so they are equipped with all the tools to consistently deliver our clients amazing results.

 Mick's 4 month transformation at Assist PT - 5 weekly sessions

Sally's progress shot - 3 programs at Assist PT before continuing with semi private pt

Assist PT offers a friendly non intimidating training environment in their private training studio at Lilydale Basketball Stadium and has been changing lives since 2008.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation or discovery phone call appointment and find out more information about how we can get you started on your own personalised training journey today!

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