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When health hasn't been our priority, our happiness suffers. Time will always escape us, money will always be needed for other things and motivation, well you and I both know that's only short lived when you come from a place of wanting! If this sounds familiar, chances are you have become victim to poor eating habits; perhaps "healthy" snacks, take away or junk foods are zapping your energy and burning a hole in your pocket instead of those stubborn kilos.  Now is the time to turn that around!

Align the person you are now with the person you want to be!

YOU ARE UNIQUE and we understand that!  The coaches at Assist PT are always out there learning from world leaders in their respected fields. They make sure the plan set before you is applied just as it needs to be for you, taking into consideration your goals, your starting point, your environment, the data we get from your body composition assessments and current health status. 

Our program has been designed to assist you through each phase of your transformation journey, so that your mind keeps up with the new person you are becoming, to put an end to self sabotage and falling back into old habits.

Overhaul - A lifestyle transformation program for people who want to STOP EXISTING & START LIVING!

Assist PT have been running 12 week challenges since 2009. We produce world class results, many of our clients have been recognised as finalists in the Metabolic Precision program, two have taken out the winning grand prize, named as the National Lifestyle Champions. Since 2009 we've also invested well over $100k in education to ensure we offer the best services at Assist PT. In 2016 we decided to change up our 12 week challenges, turning them into more of a lifestyle transformation program. This program has been refined each time to include only the best and most helpful information that gets to the core of why you stand in your own way and why your best intentions are often short lived. If your nutrition and training hasn't helped you overhaul your lifestyle then it's time to join us for our Overhaul program!

The Overhaul Challenge was created by Annette Shepherd

Annette and her team at Assist PT are genuinely committed to your success, making themselves available to support you 24/7 on your journey while providing you with accountability and feedback along the way.

Overhaul your life and conquer a healthy lifestyle!

We can teach you how to achieve amazing results from participating in a 12 week challenge but what good are those results if you needed a little more help cultivating the mindset for long term success so that you don't fall back into old habits? Our bonus 87 page transformation challenge manual is jam packed with information to help you stay on track with your healthy living lifestyle well beyond our 12 weeks together and our weekly coaching sessions put you in the hands of an expert in lifestyle transformation!

Overhaul will help you:

Create healthy habits you can implement immediately without feeling like you are on a diet or missing out on social events, because it's not a diet we offer, it's a holistic lifestyle change for long term health.

Mindset, Nutrition and Training - it takes all three areas working congruently with one another. The Overhaul manual comes complete with all the templates you need to help you succeed. Checklists to help keep you accountable with your trainer, shopping lists and worksheets to successfully transform your life.

Learn what nutritious foods will help you transform your body and mind

Our approach to nutrition is not narrowed down to any one nutrition plan. We consult with you to establish where you're at so that we can get you implementing a nutrition plan that works for you, then we focus on teaching you about foods that fuel and nourish your body. We can then help you recreate your favourite recipes into delicious compliant meals that will help melt away body fat and increase energy to have you not only looking amazing but also feeling better about yourself.

Cultivate the mindset for success

Understanding yourself and identifying why you make the choices you do is vital if you're looking for a 12 week challenge that works. Your successful lifestyle change begins from the inside out so when it comes to mindset, we work on core values to help you become the person you need to be to reach your goals so that you can overcome emotional eating and deeply ingrained habits that have been holding you back. Our bonus seminars and one on one coaching sessions will help you not only create new habits but will also teach you how to have the willpower to stay on track, make better choices and create new habits that will help you look and feel great.

Learn with the experts 

You will have our support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We have training options to train with us 2 or 4 times a week in addition to 1 on 1 coaching calls with a lifestyle coach who genuinely cares about your personal progress. We will teach you, support you, keep you accountable and give you feedback on how to implement the systems for success, developing plans to suit your needs perfectly in every way! Get the knowledge, skills & tools - solutions to the situations you face each day! Unlike other programs that leave you to work it out for yourself, you have a team of highly respected Lifestyle Transformation Specialists to guide you through the complete process! 

Are you ready for a lifestyle overhaul?

Life is too short to be on the roller coaster ride of yoyo dieting, stuck in plateaus or keeping up with endless hours of training that you just don't have time for! As we work together, we will teach you every aspect of a successful lifestyle transformation to finally reach your goals. No fads, no complicated diets, just a holistic approach that you can start applying from the very first session.

  Cultivate a healthy relationship with food!

   Create a new healthy identity so you can become the person you want to be

   Reprogram old habits into new habits you can sustain long term!

   Never go hungry and eat lots of super delicious foods!

  Train with us for less than a handful of hours a week and see real results!

  Keep having a social life!

✔   Make friends with carbs!

  Master your mindset!  No more self sabotage!

  Learn what foods fuel and nourish your body!

   Learn how to improve your hormone signalling, energy production and fat burning with foods!

  No counting calories!

  A straightforward approach, easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle!

  24/7 support!

Meet Amy, our Overhaul Assist PT Champion

Above: Amy down 69kgs and feeling a million bucks on her 40th birthday!

Amy has done every transformation program we've ran.  We created Overhaul for people like Amy because the truth is, the old 12 week challenges were great, you can see lots of evidence of that below from some of our past clients but the approach was too broad and while it worked great for some clients, it didn't for others, we were diverting and implementing other methods and tools to help our clients get better results. Change was needed. In January 2016 we ran our last metabolic precision 12 week challenge Amy did everything to the letter, she lost a total of 4.5cm and her body composition changed by a lousy 2kgs.  With a further 40 plus kilos to go to reach her goal, we kicked off May in 2017 with a whole new program to help not only Amy but many more clients to see their most impressive results yet. The clients who followed our program and trained with us saw the best results so when you join us for Overhaul, you train with us too. We busted Amy's plateau in her first round of Overhaul, she lost a staggering 64cm and 13kg of body fat in 12 weeks!  During this challenge Amy set a fitness goal.  She wanted to run 10kms.  She did this with an army of supporters who joined her on 31st July 2016. Amy continued with the program and in May 2017 she ran a marathon and lost an incredible 69kgs since joining us, majority of that in the past 12 months since switching from semi private training to one on one and being the person she always wanted to be. Amy shares.....

Above: Amy looking fresh after running a marathon in May 2017! Another massive milestone goal achieved in 12 weeks!

Why not you? Jay's 12 week transformation following specialised nutrition and training principles taught at Assist Personal Training.

You may know us by our National Winners in the Metabolic Precision 12 Week Challenges


And then there were our National Finalists in the MP Challenges that were featured Australia wide (click for link to their full stories):

Mick Cooper 2013 Finalist                                 
Brooke Early 2014 Finalist

Explore your potential! Stop existing and start living!

Spots in our course fill up quickly!

  • Register your interest - Strictly limited numbers - max of 10 people!
  • Join us and find out more about these exclusive starter bonuses! 
   1 Bonus seminar on Mindset to create a clear picture of the person you are willing to become to successfully create your lifestyle change

   1 Bonus seminar on Nutrition to update your nutrition habits and create a plan we can help you implement 

   2 extra 1 on 1 coaching calls, making a total of 10 support calls

   The Overhaul Transformation Manual with everything you need to know about what foods to eat and how to fine tune your choices along the way according to your bodies needs

   Access to our awesome members private forum to connect you to other people in the program

   Personalised training programs updated every 4-6 weeks!

  • Implement the systems for success to learn to transform your life with our support.
  • Be in charge of your happiness!
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