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Investing in a specialist who can deliver results makes your journey a successful one! At Assist PT in Lilydale, you'll work with professional personal trainers who will help you see results fast. 

Dreams...they can come true. Throughout the many challenges I've done with Assist PT, I've been asked to identify what my 12 Week goals are. My goal was always strong and it wasn'..
I believe we all owe it to ourselves and those we love to take care of our health, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have experienced the profound effect training can have on all three aspec..
"I was always one to find excuses, like not having the time or motivation. I always felt tired and lethargic and never had that 'healthy' feeling. I didn't know exactly how to reach my goal, which..
EBONY NOW!!! Pictured with another one of our superstars Amy who has lost over 60kg since joining us!! One word to describe how I used to feel, SHIT! Just tired, drained, just s..
Garfield Blair, Jamaican National Team Starting Shooting Guard and Former Stetson Hatters star, was announced as Kilsyth Cobras import for the 2012 SEABL season. Cobras Head Coach at the time ..
Sinclair joined us in October 2015 and smashed his first 12 weeks, losing 7kg of body fat and increasing muscle by 3.4kg. He then fine-tuned his nutrition and training to complete a photo shoot in Mar..
Brooke joined us in January 2014 for our 12 Week Challenge. From applying all she learnt in her MP Nutrition sessions and her consistent attendance to ICE group training, she lost 74cm in measure..
Mick's before photo was taken 4 months after training had commenced however not to much physical progress happened in this time. Battling with high levels of stress and fatigue, it was a slow star..

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